You’ve heard it said that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

We’re standing up to say the workers don’t have to be so few.

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SEU Missions is the missions movement of Southeastern University.

In 2023, we're sending out over 30 mission trips across 6 continents and believing that the story of God will continue in redemption and hope. We'd love to have you join us!

What we mean by

kingdom. honor. excellence.

Kingdom. This is God’s story. It’s all about Him. It’s not about us. Our eyes are on Him. Our hearts belong to Him. Our feet stay in step with Him. We will partner with a kingdom network of ministries and churches across the world to ensure we are part of a redemptive strategy that doesn’t put ourselves at the center. We are part of the Kingdom, and we are servants of the King.

Honor. Because this is not about us, we will engage in cross-cultural ministry with humility, with cultural awareness, with accountability. We will choose others above ourselves, both on our teams and with our partners. We will choose encouragement and the building up of our partners over the elevation of ourselves. We will be people of integrity, wisdom, and honor, all to the glory of God.

Excellence. We know that honoring people and bringing the kingdom requires hard work. It requires grit. It requires excellence. So we commit to doing our jobs well from the dreaming to the details, from the training to the preparation, from the logistics to the follow-up. By committing to excellence in all we do, we honor the King.

. . .

Kingdom. Honor. Excellence. 1. 2. 3.

Put each of these together and what do you see? Three dots.

An ellipsis.

We are just part of the story God has been writing around the world for a long time. He and His people have been at work in these places long before SEU Missions arrived, and He’ll continue long after we leave.

This has never been about us. It has always been about Him. But it doesn’t end there. He invites us to be a part of His story.

You’ve heard it said that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. We’re standing up to say the workers don’t have to be so few.

You have our yes, Jesus. We will go, and we will do it for the King, with honor, and with excellence.


We've got 500 students who have said yes to joining God's story around the world this year. They'll partner with over 40 ministries, missionaries, and local church leaders to serve where needed and to proclaim the gospel through word and deed. Their "yes" is wild!

We know not everyone is able to get on a plane, but we would LOVE you to be a part of our SEU Missions family by helping us send our students. By donating to our Missions Scholarship Fund, you're entrusting SEU Missions staff leadership to determine which student we can help send. We will find a student who has modeled integrity, hard work, and Christlikeness in their missions endeavors so far. Thank you for helping us send a generation!

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therefore, and make disciples

of all nations, baptizing them

in the name of the Father,

the Son, and the Holy Spirit,

and teaching them to obey

everything I have commanded

you, and I will be with you always,

even to the end of the age,

latin america / caribbean ... latin america / caribbean ... latin america / caribbean ... latin america / caribbean ... latin america / caribbean ...


Comprised of cultures across two continents and hundreds of islands, the LAC region is home to diverse cultures, climates, and ministry opportunities. From working with YWAM to local pastors and more, we will serve in many grassroots ways.


Open only to first year students, this large trip will partner with One More Child in Guatemala. Through targeted feeding programs, social work counseling, and education accountability, our partners are addressing the hunger and malnutrition needs of vulnerable children. There may also be additional children's ministry as well as time to enjoy the vibrant country that is Guatemala. FYE Only.

Guatemala FYE


Just 90 miles away from the U.S. shore, Cuba is a place that struggles with poverty, especially in this unique time in history. On this trip, we will be serving hand in hand with local churches all around the nation. Ministry opportunities will range from hosting a youth camp and church ministry to manual labor and local outreach.

YWAM St. Croix regularly engages in local communities, serving youth and families across the island. Besides work projects and homeless ministry, basketball is huge on the island. In fact, YWAM hosts basketball tournaments for teams to engage local young men as a means of discipleship. Bonus? This trip is technically domestic, so no passport is needed!

St. Croix


Why travel by car when you can travel by boat? Join us for an exciting trip as we partner with AGWM to serve on the children and villages of Peru! We will be traveling upriver on a boat (yes a boat) as we visit towns and villages and lead different VBS activities, as well as painting and doing service projects for churches in Peru! If you feel a desire to step out for God in a new way, come and be a part!

Partnering with missionaries across Argentina, Chile, and potentially Paraguay, we aim to work with YWAM and youth/childrens ministries. We are expectant for what the Lord will be doing in the ConoSur region of South America. This land of beauty, culture, and community is one we can't wait to be a part of. If you have heart for Latin America, come and join!

Cono Sur


We will be partnering with the church Casa de mi Gloria, in Managua, Nicaragua. We will be supporting the local communities and churches around Managua. Our focus would be evangelism, kids ministry, and being flexible to serve in any other capacity. Join us as we love the amazing people in this beautiful country!

Come fly with us in Spring Break to Bolivia! We will be joining CIN to serve and stay at the Bolivian Life Center Orphanage for boys. During the trip, the team will have the opportunity to love on the boys, complete service projects at the orphanage, and be a part of an outreach ministry in the communities of Cochabamba! There will also be possible opportunities to lead a youth service and see the beauty of this fascinating country!

Bolivia | | | | | | | |




St. Croix


Cono Sur




Addison Mills + Lovina Botone

Izzy Hertz + Ahmed Velez

JC Simons + Sarah Fulton

Ari Ortiz + Abdiel Valle

Nathan Strahan + Leah Weller

Ray Gornicz + Tyree Philipps

Abdiel Valle + Jewel Hayes

Marcus VanHoof and Isabelle Thomas


Willing to go anywhere? We've got a trip to LAC that will cost $2,500 and involve kids ministry, sports ministry, and some manual labor. You'll receive information on climate, packing, suggested immunizations, prayer points, and more, but you won't know where you're going until you get to the airport.


africa... africa... africa... africa... africa... africa... africa... africa... africa... africa... africa... africa... africa... africa... africa... africa... africa... africa...


The nations in sub-Saharan Africa are home to unreached tribes, vibrant cities, and areas of economic need. Because of the cultural complexity, our Africa trips all work with trusted partner organizations who guide our ministries.


Overland Missions expeditions bring the Gospel and build relationships with some of the most remote and neglected people on earth. Your expedition will focus primarily on evangelism and discipleship as you preach and build the local church over two weeks. For this trip, be prepared to live in tents, cook over a fire, meet with tribe members, and see the operational base of Overland's work in Africa.



Mozambique is a beautiful country in Africa with a tropical climate where Portuguese is the main spoken language. Here you'll live in tents in a local village and engage in relational evangelism. Overland Missions expeditions bring the Gospel and build relationships with some of the most remote and neglected people on earth. Sign up if you're ready for an adventure and a move of God!

Watoto is an organization focused on reaching the lost and impacting the communities of Uganda. Watoto has several ministries including Baby Watoto, Keep a Girl in School Project, and Watoto Neighborhood. We are recruiting mature men and women who are passionate about sharing the gospel in outreaches. On this trip, you can expect to experience the vibrant culture of Uganda while participating in outreach.


South Africa

South Africa is a beautiful country on the southern tip of the continent. On this trip, we will receive ministry training from highly qualified trainers and go out to love on the community in South Africa. Ministering to kids, distributing food, and even evangelizing throughout the town are ways in which we are able to be a light to the people located here. Join us in bringing the gospel to this amazing country! | | | |





South Africa

Anna Knight + Nathan Strahan

Emma Peek + Emma Pillar

Alyssa Bontrager + Lovina Botone

Biz Ayers + Ben Cannistraci

domestic... domestic... domestic... domestic... domestic... domestic... domestic... domestic... domestic... domestic... domestic... domestic... domestic... domestic...


We love our home. Our domestic trips range from coast to coast, North to South, from the center of urban need to the most remote trails. We want to meet our brothers and sisters where they are at, wherever that may be.


You may have heard about Short Creek in the Netflix documentary "Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey" about how the area used to be the headquarters of the cult of the FLDS. But Jesus gets the last word. The cult leader's former homes have been transformed into Short Creek Dream Center, a recovery house for those escaping cults and trafficking, as well as learning to live in sobriety, restoration, and hope.

Short Creek, UT

Appalachian Trail

Working with Trail Servants we will be serving the Appalachian Trail through-hikers. Many of these hikers are searching for a deeper meaning to life and we hope to meet these people with the answer that is in the love and truth of Jesus Christ! We will be hiking alongside these people and serving them by providing food, supplies, and a place to find rest.

We will be traveling across the Midwest/ East Coast area serving in a variety of ways. This trip will be about a month long. There will be a variety of ministry opportunities - youth ministry, evangelism, and potentially homeless ministry, and working with trafficking victims. Our plan is to partner with past contacts from Indiana, Detroit, and more!

US Road Trip


Located on the west side of the island, YWAM Kauai cares for the local community and works alongside local churches to encourage and strengthen it. They serve youth through after-school programs, bible clubs, and youth group. They also serve at community gardens, farmers markets, as well as train students and participants for long term ministry in other island locations and nations in the Pacific.

On this trip, students will have the opportunity to serve the isolated and under-resourced neighborhoods in Los Angeles, California. We will be working with the LA Dream Center to help in areas of homelessness, hunger, poverty, and addiction through various outreach programs. We are expectant to see how God is going to move as we help those who are hurting and share the gift of hope that is found in Him!


Long Island

We will be working with two local churches, The Harbor LI & Compass Church, to do various outreaches. We are here to meet the needs of the local churches and pastors as we assist them with beach evangelism, church construction, worship, street ministry, Sunday services and much more! We'll bring awareness and action to recognize and meet the needs in Long Island, NY neighborhoods.

In Nenana, Alaska we will mainly be working with children and youth. During the day, we will be running a VBS sports-oriented camp for the elementary students, and at nights, we will be hosting youth services. There will be opportunities to lead worship, teach sport drills, share testimonies, and give sermons all while showing love and hope to the families in the village of Nenana.




Working with various partners across the city, we're sending five teams to all five boroughs - Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, and the Bronx - we'll work in homeless ministry, church ministry, unreached people groups that have migrated to the city, and more. Ten GeoLeaders will be led by our Trip Coordinator and GA, Ahmed. | | | | | / / | +



App. Trail



Long Island



US Road Trip

Jewel Hayes + Emmanuel Fonseca

Daniel Sipes + Katie Cleary

Berline Louis + Brianna Ortiz

Sydney Johnson + Ant Adams

Eric VanBrunt + Barry Baugh

Lauren Round + Justin Bonilla

Trip Coordinator: Ahmed Velez

Riley Mullis + Brandon Smith + Mia Golding

asia pacific... asia pacific... asia pacific... asia pacific... asia pacific... asia pacific... asia pacific... asia pacific... asia pacific... asia pacific... asia pacific... asia pacific...


From the mountains of Nepal to the islands of the South Pacific, amidst beautiful cultures and unreached people groups, this area of the world is incredibly strategic for the gospel. An area that combines two continents, the Asia Pacific region is one of the most unreached (or even never reached) regions in the world.


Are you ready to do something wild + hard for the gospel?

If you have a passion to see the unreached hear about Jesus in remote places, this is the trip for you. In fact, you'll be backpacking the Himalayas and camping each day with trekking guides. Due to hiking at 13,000-14,000 feet each day, this trip will require physical training with your team for the months prior to the trip.



Cambodia is a nation in Southeast Asia that endured years of violence and genocide. Recently, Cambodia suffered economically due to halted tourism in the pandemic. But God is in the business of restoration. You'll live in a local village and engage in relational evangelism. Overland Missions expeditions bring the Gospel and build relationships with some of the most remote people on earth.

Typically recognized as a vacation destination, Fiji is an incredibly strategic island in Pacific Oceania. Besides being a major transportation hub, Fiji has a vibrant church and yet deep need. Half the islanders do not have access to clean water. We'll join in clean water initiatives in local villages, do children's ministry, as well as media ministry (photography and videography.)

Partner: AGWM


Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is home to hundreds of different tribes, many of which are completely unreached by the Gospel. Partnering with Ethnos360 we will serve and love people from these tribes and minister to the youth. The ministry will involve English teaching, manual labor, and evangelism. We are so excited to go to this Island that always needs more helping hands!

Wipe Every Tear works with girls rescued from the sex trade in the Philippines through a way out, safe homes, and education. This all-girls trip will host a retreat for the girls, as well as continue in discipleship and healing ministries with them. Please be aware that you'll be exposed to a lot of hard stories and be prepared to engage in proper training and debrief times.


GEOLEADERS | | | | |






Matthew Barnett + Mariah Cooper

Anna Espeseth + Emmanuel Fonseca

Jake Wilhelm + Sydney Lenn

Darby Lindstrom + Daniel Sipes

Micaela Rosenwald + Julie Nash

arab world... arab world... arab world... arab world... arab world... arab world... arab world... arab world... arab world... arab world... arab world... arab world...


While not a concrete geographical area, the Arab World region is loosely the Middle East, North Africa, and Eurasia. A people group close to Jesus' heart due to His own place of birth, we want to strategically engage these cultures and religions. Our partners in this region will guide us in terms of appropriate communication and engagement. Please note that these trips require participants to abide by cultural and communication guidelines to ensure effective ministry.


We will be working with LiveDead in a country in the Silk Road region, one of the most unreached regions in the world. Our team will be working at an English Learning Center alongside their full time workers, and will share the gospel. The launch team provides support for those that convert to Christianity as they face pressure from families to return to Islam.

Silk Road

Middle East

The Middle East is near to our hearts, and we believe the heart of Jesus. Imagine doing ministry in the same places He walked! This trip will serve in multiple nations and will involve a large variety of ministries. You'll also get to serve with those on different sides of religious and ethnic conflict. Come ready to serve, but also to learn, to walk where Jesus walked and love the people He loves.

A Greek island 4 miles off the coast of Turkey, Lesvos flooded international news in 2015 during the height of the Syrian refugee crisis as boats flooded their shores. There are still thousands of asylum seekers in the camps on the island. We'll partner with EuroRelief to work in the camp, doing manual labor as well as building relationships so that the gospel may be received with enthusiasm and hope.

Lesvos, Greece


Our partner for Tunisia sends English teachers all over the world in some of the hardest places to send missionaries. Their unique relationship with Tunisia allows them to work both in classrooms and summer camps with youth, giving them opportunities to practice English. If you're not sure you can teach, don't worry - they provide all the training! We believe that this will be a doorway to the gospel! / + | | |


Silk Road

Middle East



Emma Weller + Isabelle Thomas +

Cassie Chapman

Jake Bingham + Ally Kleiner

Dylan Monge + Hannah Henderson

Claire Phypers + Tim Hoover

europe... europe... europe... europe... europe... europe... europe... europe... europe... europe... europe... europe... europe... europe... europe... europe... europe... europe...


While many consider Europe to be post-Christian, it is our conviction that it is not post-Christ. This lovely continent ranges from ministries on cobblestone streets to people groups that have been exiled and sought refuge from war. We are believing for an authentic revival in these nations.


In partnership with several organizations such as the Iceland Project and others, this trip will bring ministry to the people of Iceland in the form of street evangelism, aiding in church planting, surveying the faith of people, and community outreach. As we explore God's beautiful creation in the land of snow and northern lights, we want to bring an attitude of servitude to pray for God's plan for Iceland.


Great Britain

In partnership with YWAM, we will be serving the homeless, ministering to children, and sharing the Gospel throughout Great Britain; specifically England and Scotland. The mission is to serve the people in these places with love and humility, and to be catalysts for hope and restoration throughout this region! This year the people of Great Britain are enduring a lot of changes, and we want to show up with hope.

The Roma people have long been oppressed across Europe, and we want to bring hope and life alongside Hope4Romania. Through summer camps, women's ministry, and soccer camp, we'll work to show the joy of Jesus in these villages. Then we'll venture to Albania, one of the nations in the Balkans, to engage with the local community and show the love of Jesus.

Romania + Albania

The Irelands

Did you know that there are actually two Irelands (The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland)? We will be traveling to both nations, working in a part of the world that has often faced intense religious division. In partnering with local churches and outreach ministries, our hope is to meet physical needs and build connections in a way that displays Jesus’ heart for reconciliation!

The war in Ukraine has been deeply on our hearts. The people of Ukraine have been dispersed all over Europe and the world. While we are not able to go to the country of Ukraine at this time, we are able to serve in places like Austria, Hungary, and one or two other nations with ministries dedicated to providing care, help, relationship, and restoration. Join us as we meet people where they are at and love the people of Ukraine!

Ukrainian Refugee | | | | |



Great Britain

R+ A

The Irelands


Alexa Fortney + Raul Correa Velez

Trysten Tice + Micah Giffin

Thea Baugh + Mia Staudte

Bella Carney + Claire Phypers

Lauren Round + Matthew Barnett


oct 3

nov 1

dec 1

Trip Launch +

Applications Open!

Applications are due!

$200 deposit +

paperwork due.

Dotted Journey Line with Milestones

Between Sept 26 and Dec 1, GeoLeaders will be conducting interviews and gradually accepting people to the team. We encourage getting your application in early, as well as your deposit and paperwork if accepted!


Passport + Vaccine Info

  • To apply for an international trip, you'll need to either upload a color copy of your passport* or a receipt/screenshot showing that you've applied for an initial passport or passport renewal.
  • *Passports must be valid through February 2024

  • Southeastern University will not be requiring vaccines for international travel, however:
    • We recommend you seek information from your healthcare provider or PassportHealth for travel immunizations.
    • We will follow all country laws and entry requirements, as well as ministry requirements. This means some trips will require vaccines.




spring break trips

Deposit - Dec 1

50% - Feb 1

100% - March 1



Deposit - Dec 1

50% - March 1

100% - May 1

If you made it this far, we know your heart is likely in the posture of service already, so let's talk about the fun stuff too!

On each trip, there will be time made for team debrief, rest, and fun. You'll have plenty of opportunity to count the cost and live sacrificially, so we also want to make sure you're taken care of and are enjoying the places we serve!

Perhaps you may spend a day in Athens, visiting the ancient sites and explore where the Apostle Paul walked. Or perhaps you'll ride a camel through the desert in the Middle East and enjoy a bedouin meal in a tent. You might find yourself on safari in Africa or visiting an elephant sanctuary in Southeast Asia, or even hiking in Zion National Park or exploring Times Square.

We're committed to working with our ministry partners to ensure that our off days are appropriate, both culturally and financially, and that we honor our hosts and donors well. With all that said, let's have some fun too!

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SEU Missions




SEU Missions is the missions movement of Southeastern University.